Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why businesses buckle under pressure?

The Institute for Human Rights and Business has analyzed the decision of why internet service providers and telecom companies gave in to Mobarak's pressure too easily.

Seriously, why do companies have "to leave" before they "actually" have to leave? They seem all too powerful when dealing with customers and people in general, but where does the corporate bravado and muscle go when it comes to facing up to the State in the eye? Barring Google's stance in China, I can't recall too many instances. In this case, will the companies compensate Egyptians for plugging out services when they needed it the most? One can only shudder to think about families of victims of police brutality struggling without communication services.

By turning up at Tahrir Square today, more than a million Egyptians, have stolen the thunder from the symbols of new media - namely twitter and facebook. A reporter on Al Jazeera rightly said, that tweets or no tweets this revolution has festered.

I really hope the winds of change blow in India too. To take back democracy from the people who have made a mockery of it. And this should not be limited to fighting for the murder of a model in the capital city.