Monday, January 16, 2012

Development Studies

At the risk of sounding conceited,I apologize that I have disappointed the readers of this blog, for I have not been regular in posting on this page. I perhaps, have good reason, although there is never a good reason for being lazy.
Lets just say I have been figuring out the next stage in life. Have now gone back to school at The Graduate Institute in Geneva for a masters in development studies.

Must confess, I have enjoyed going back to studying again. It has given me a great perspective to understand some of the most acute development challenges facing the world today. More importantly, it is providing me context to comprehend where these debates are located and the underlying politics behind say, the water crisis (one of the electives this past semester.)

So overall, I think my engagement on this page will reflect my increased awareness on development issues, as opposed to my former role as a business journalist interested in economic issues.

I hope you will enjoy, engage and think about some of the subjects that will feature on this blog.

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